Who is Jaison Hart?

Jaison Hart is an autistic playwright and  a shy young man with an enormous heart of compassion, and a brilliant mind. Although he can not speak with his mouth, he began typing  to communicate his thoughts, ideas and feelings, one letter at a time, when he was 10 years old. He began typing the play one letter at a time when he was 15 years old.

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When and why did Jaison write the play? 

At fifteen, he began to write Dreams of An Autistic Playwright in hopes of sharing his message of love through his favorite medium- theater. His dream was to create a fun and uplifting play through which he could educate the public about autism. His deeper purpose was to bring TRUE friends into his life, and perhaps even find a girlfriend.

Working on the script with Professor Oliver Gerland at CU

In 2008, Jaison met Professor Oliver Gerland, a theater professor at Colorado University,  who guided Jaison to take his play to the next level of proficiency through a year long process called “a read-through”.

Writing the song lyrics with Mack Bailey

In 2009, Jaison met international folk singer, Mack Bailey who encouraged Jaison to write the words to a song about his life.  Mack put the words to music and the song “Imagine You!” was created. And so his play became a musical.

Watch Our Words 7 minute video 

Also in 2009, Jaison participated with Watch Our Words, a Colorado based group of his peers, producing a seven minute video about his experiences with Facilitated Communication.

Screenwriting Award

In that same year, Jaison entered his script in a contest and he was honored with  first place for the screenwriting award from Family Academy of Christian Educators.


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Staged Reading at Colorado University 

In 2010, Professor Oliver Gerland asked Jaison if he would like his play performed as a staged reading at CU with the intention of attracting directors and producers of local theater companies. KGNU radio of Boulder Colorado covered the story.

Performance by Colorado ACTS

In 2012, Colorado ACTS decided to produce the play for four nights in Arvada Colorado with Sharon Luchene as director. Jaison worked with the director to educate the cast and enrich their understanding of what life is like for an individual with autism who types to communicate.


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Special Olympic Medals and NH Leadership 

In 2013, Jaison participated in NH Leadership Series and upon completion he obtains 9 college credits from UNH.
In 2014, Jaison joined the Manchester Special Olympics and won two gold metals for downhill Alpine Sitski.

The creation of the DVD

In 2015, footage taken from the Colorado ACTS performance was edited by Cahty Grier and the DVD of the play is now available for purchase.

Best Buddies Ambassador Training

In 2016, Jaison began learning speech writing skill through the Best Buddies International Organization, an awesome organization which focuses on matching people who have  “special needs and unique gifts” with best friends.

Jaison’s Next Steps

  1. Looking for a local theater company to produce the play in Southwestern New Hampshire 2020: He hopes that a local theater company or school in Southwestern New Hampshire would like to perform his play. He wants to be involved in the production as the playwright and consultant. He hopes that a high quality video can be made of the play and funding found such that the footage can become a documentary.
  2. Co-authoring  of a book:  Jaison is looking forward to continuing his contributions to the upcoming book that he and his mother Sharon are writing called, MORE THAN YOU HOPED FOR: The Unexpected Joy of Raising An Autistic Playwright. Plans for the book to be published in 2020. are in the works.
  3. Bringing the DVD of the play  to Schools and Colleges: He hopes to take the DVD of the play to local New England colleges and schools where he can continue his mission of educating the public about the value of theater as a tool for truly including people with special gifts and special challenges into the community as true contributors and friends.
  4. Performed throughout the country: Jaison hopes that theater companies, colleges and schools across the nation will be inspired to purchase the script, music and technical performance kit and perform his play.

If you would like to join Jaison’s Circle of Friends then please go here.


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Sharon Hart, M.A. is co-author of the forthcoming memoir More Than You Hoped For: The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright, and the mother of the 30-year-old playwright, Jaison Hart, author of Dreams of an Autistic Playwright.
Sharon’s experience includes working as a psychotherapist, a life coach and a special education teacher. Sharon has a depth of insight that brings wisdom to her writing beyond what one would expect from a memoir about autism. Thus although her book appeals to people who have loved ones with autism, the book extends to a wider audience, including anyone facing any type of life-altering challenge who is looking for inspiration and meaning in life.

What are Sharon’s thoughts about her son’s play?

Introduction to Dreams Of An Autistic Playwright, in this clip his mom Sharon Hart discusses the importance of using a play to engage, educate and inspire a discussion about autism.



A “Foremother” in the Field of Autism

Sharon gave birth to Jaison in 1989, when autism affected one in ten thousand births. Today, one in 69 children are born with autism. Sharon has paved the way for a whole new generation and as such is a “foremother” in the field of autism.
Like many mothers of autistic children, she knows what its like to raise a child who can not speak, who does not look at you, who seems to be cut off from all social contact and who appears to be beyond hope for a life that is fulfilling. But she has also had the rare privilege of walking beside that very same individual every step of the way as he wrote a play from inception to performance. Her term for what people normally call “people with disabilities” is “people with special gifts and special challenges.”

Sharon Founder of Quantum Dialogue™ Life Coaching

As well as being an author, Sharon also has developed a new form of life coaching that she calls Quantum Dialogue Works™ Sharon works as a Quantum Dialogue™ life coach with individuals from all walks of life who want to know how to allow a challenging life situations to become a catalyst for awakening to a deeper inner strength and wholeness. She supports her clients to find empowerment, inner peace, and ultimately joy in being alive, no matter how one’s life is changing.

Previous Experience Presenting Seminars

In the days when relationship workshops were a new phenomenon, Sharon began independently teaching seminars for singles and couples. She then met the late Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of the nationally known bestseller When Your Relationship Ends. Together they presented national relationship seminars and facilitator training, during which time Sharon developed her effectiveness as a public speaker and seminar designer.


  1. I’m floored and a little awestruck. Jaison is a born author. It seems autism has allowed him to get past the miscommunications involved with spoken language and directly to the heart of communication. That is a special gift 🙂

  2. I just listened to the song. I have tears in my eyes and in my heart. So true, Jason, we do walk by you, and no, I don’t think I could live like this for even an hour….. We just…..don’t know better. Thank you for opening my eyes to it. I am grateful that you found your “voice” through writing. Your message is so powerful and so touching.

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